GACE: Selecting A Test

The Georgia Professional Standards Commission and their colleagues at National Evaluation systems have set up the GACE administration schedule so that candidates can sit for more than one exam in a day.

The morning begins at 7:45, and may last until 12:30, depending on the length of time devoted to exam administration and giving directions. In the afternoon, candidates must report by one, and may be busy until 5:45. With the exception of the Paraprofessional exam (3 hours), all of the GACE exams last four hours. In the morning, for instance, a candidate might sit for all three components of the Basic Skills exam, and in the afternoon he might sit for the Biology exam. Some candidates elect to take only one of the tests in a two- test assessment. Since tests are not timed individually, candidates are allowed to spend as much of the exam period on a single test as they wish. It should be noted, however, that no candidate will be given extra time in which to complete his or her examination. To determine which exams you need to take, check the educator testing requirements at the Professional Standards Commission website. Some examinations are only offered during the morning session, while others are only administered in the afternoon sessions; candidates are advised to refer to the GACE website for this information.

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