GACE: Sitting For The Exam

On the day of your Georgia Assessment for the Certification of Educators, you will need to arrive at the testing location by the time specified on your admission ticket. Remember that you will need to present your ticket to enter the testing facility.

Individuals who arrive to the testing site late may be denied admission; in any case, late arrivals will not be given any additional time to complete their examinations. You need to bring the following items to the test site: sharpened number two pencils; approved scientific calculator (if necessary); and proper identification. In order to be admitted to the test site, you will need to have two pieces of identification: one current, government-issued piece of identification that includes a photograph, signature, and that has been issued to name under which you are registered for the exam; and another form of identification. It is not necessary for this second piece of identification to include a photograph.

The following items are prohibited in the test site: cell phones; electronic devices and other media; any handwritten or printed material; packages; food and beverage containers; and any unauthorized aids, as for instance slide rules, highlighters, or forbidden calculators. The one exception to the ban on drink containers is a transparent, unlabeled water bottle. You will be allowed to take a restroom break during the exam, though the clock will not stop during this period. Individuals who fail to show up for their examinations will not be given a refund or credit.