GACE: Transmission Of Test Scores

After you complete the examination, you will have to wait about two weeks before you can view your score on the Internet. The exact date on which scores will be made available is listed on the GACE website. In order to access your scores, you will need to supply your birth date. Also, you will only be able to view this unofficial score report one time, so it is a good idea to have a printer or pen and paper nearby. On occasion, a score may be withheld briefly due to some technical or administrative problem.

The unofficial score report will remain online for two weeks. Approximately one month after the examination, you will be mailed a copy of your official score report. In addition, copies will be sent to the Professional Standards Commission and to the institution you indicated during registration.

The Professional Standards Commission places the official score report into the certification application file, so you do not need to include a copy of this report when you apply for certification. The official score report will include your total score and an indication as to whether you have passed (220 is the typically the lowest passing score). The score report will also include an explanation of the scoring process. Individuals with questions about the scoring of the GACE are invited to contact National Evaluation Systems.